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Вело портал Кыргызстана

The capital of Russia

Спорт и здоровье
The capital of Russia

The capital of Russia is a major attraction for anybody that wants to make unique and beautiful memories. Moscow stands strong as the capital of Russia after enduring many hardships throughout time which ranged from drastic wars, various social change, to radical revolutions. All of these events have allowed Moscow to be distinct from many other capitols around the world through a unique sense of charm and atmosphere. You can find the best tours to Moscow on “Tour to Russia” web site:

The architecture of the capitol, the onion domes placed above churches and graves, remind everyone of past events, which have given Moscow its unique personality. Furthermore, there are galleries that are littered with priceless works of art that display the culture of Moscow through all the years. And the state armory contains Moscow's most precious secrets, which range from gold, jewelry to diamonds galore.

Keeping all this in mind there are several ways that you can get around Moscow while taking in the culture and feeling the atmosphere. The Moscow metro is by far the most quick and cheap way to travel, practically to anywhere in the capitol. Because of this the metro is often crowded and a bit uncomfortable, it normally comes down to who ever can get the seat the fastest. A more expensive but less crowded method of traveling the metropolis is by taxi. Firstly, do not be alarmed if you see an old Ladas or Volgas car model stopping after you hail for a cab. These old soviet era models are a common source of taxi transportation. Secondly, the taxi fares in Moscow work a bit differently than they do in other countries such as America where there are meters. The taxi fares in Moscow are based on negotiations, if you want to get from one zone to another you start with a standard low price and work your way up the father you need to travel. Rule of thumb, always start low. For More details see “Tour to Russia website”

Outside of experiencing the culture and traveling around the bustling metropolis there is the night life. This is a very important part of Moscow, one which spices up the capitols personality even more. If culture is not enough then you may want to try and experience the nightclubs and countless restaurants during the night hours of the capitol. A major factor of night clubs and restaurants in Moscow is the dress code. There is a high standard in all of these establishments, so dress to impress. It is quite common to receive disapproving glances if your dress code is not up to scratch. In fact face control is practiced in a lot of the restaurants and night clubs which results in no entry if your dress code is not approved.

One more interesting way of soaking up Moscow's culture is through hospitality. If you are an international guest, then you will have guaranteed treatment of a king. If a local will invite you to their home then you can expect to have huge amounts of food and drink, yes lots of vodka! You will be graced with a toast, which will consist of rambling and heartfelt words.

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